3 comments on “Letters of the week 01

  1. Please let there be a letter from an earthlet J Burdis talking about combat tactics in the Apocalypse War…

    I know there a couple of my shite drawings in there somewhere.

  2. I think I was busy then but I did think the opening shot of Invasion with the oil rig being attacked by parachute was ridiculous and that was from just having a brain in my head!

    Perhaps we should consult with Buttonman and the Beast to see what Progs your artwork did grace 😉

  3. I Joined up for that Griffin Savers malarky at School, and still have the account now as HSBC. For a poor kid like me, 50p to start it got me all that swag, which I thought was ace and my spulling is bettar than eva with tat dickchunary…

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