5 comments on “Judge Dredd Megazine #354

  1. “Dredd “Uprise” kind of left me cold. I’ve a bit of a problem with a “movie” Dredd running in a comic alongside our JD. I can’t be doing with the multiple versions of Joe that are appearing, though I can see the commercial sense behind it.”

    Interesting point. Never thought of it like that. Nice to see some cool robots in this story. Arthur Wyatt’s version looks way more advanced that what we saw in the film.

    All change in the Christmas issue next month with the return of American Reaper – the final series – and new Judge Dredd story by Al Ewing: The Cop.

  2. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Dan Abnett’s 2000AD/JD Meg work but I’ve struggled to know why and it finally hit me while reading Lawless. If you read Lawless don’t you think Lawson is a bit of a caricature of a female Judge? She seems to talk like a macho guy. Does any woman speak like that?

    Alan Grant gives Anderson a touch of vulnerability and humanity. She’s very tough too but she retains her femininity. She’s not a female version of Joe Dredd – but Lawson seems a fairly one dimensional wise-cracking ‘Marvel/DC/other US comic publisher is applicable’ type of character.

    Abnett’s characterization of Lawson is near identical to most of the cast from his 2000AD series Grey Area. All those characters seem to be act like the marines from James Cameron’s Aliens film. My point is I don’t think Dan Abnett is that good with characterization. Most of his characters tend to have zero depth and share the same generic traits. I find this a slight weakness to this writing and his work tends to feel a bit cliché and Americanized. Writers like Alan Grant, John Wagner, Gordon Rennie, Pat Mills maintain a cynical edge to their work and impart their characters with less ‘gung ho’ sensibility! I get the impression Abnett watched too many US action films as a kid and it rubbed off onto his writing style.

    It’s worth noting Dan Abnett didn’t break into 2000AD the normal way. He didn’t start out sending in submissions. He was an established comics writer. He wrote for Marvel UK before his regular work began on 2000AD in 1994. This shows in his writing. Most of his 2000AD work has a strong American influence. Sinister Dexter is clearly Pulp Fiction, Grey Area is Aliens, Lawless is any macho American cowboy ‘we need you as our major’ type but switched to female gender. Insurrection was a variation of the marines from Aliens albeit influenced by his Warhammer work.

    You can see Abnett’s style of writing in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film. The main hero is near identical to Lawson in terms of wisecracks and shallow-ish personality. The film is based on Dan Abnett/ Andy Lanning’s comic strip of the same name. Abnett didn’t write the screenplay but the main hero – Peter Quill – is more or less every Dan Abnett hero character you’ve ever read in 2000AD!

    • “(Abnett) wrote for Marvel UK before his regular work began on 2000AD in 1994. This shows in his writing. Most of his 2000AD work has a strong American influence … Lawless is any macho American cowboy”

      Wagner & Grant would never dream of adopting the dialogue and genre tropes of American cowboy films in a strip set on other planets, which all look suspiciously like the Wild West. Johnny Alpha would totally sound cool calling female characters “Ma’am” in his Brummie accent.

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