4 comments on “ECBT2000ad Episode 188

  1. From what I’ve read, Adi Shankar’s creative input wasn’t that much – he pretty much left them to it.

    I suspect he was more organising the v/o actors and doing promo.

    With Minty, I think we pretty much hit a sweet spot – 5 months after the DVD release of Dredd.

    It’s hard to tell where the views came from though – We didn’t do a lot of direct promo – presumably a good chunk are from comic book sites, although bear in mind although something gets a certain number of views not everyone is going to watch all of it (particularly something that’s 27 minutes long)

    Analytics will give you an overview of what’s watched the most (in Minty it peaks at the action scenes)

    You can probably see that at the general views level on Superfiend – the first episode has the most, it drops to around a third, with a bit of a recovery on the last episode.

    I think 5 minutes is ideal for youtube.

    Breaking a 30 minute video into chunks where they overlapped, and weren’t particularly episodic was pretty odd.

  2. It was a bit of an oddity for me to watch and even force my way to sit through some it. Fan films are great but I do wish the ‘fans’ would pay closer attention to the source material a bit. That’s why I think ‘Minty’ nailed it and it’s the ‘Dreddworld’ fan film all other Dredd related fan films should be measured by.

  3. Cheers,

    I know of a few 2012 Dredd shorts in production (aside from the Cursed Edge/Deep End guys)

    I’m curious to see how they turn out – we just want to raise the bar on Strontium Dog and learn from our experience on making Minty.

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