8 comments on “Continuity – What Tangled Web We Weave

  1. Wagner used to function as a sort of continuity filter – if he didn’t write it, and he didn’t refer to an event or character dreamt up by another writer, it/they might as well never have happened/existed. Given his recent comments concerning retirement, and the small number of stories he contributes nowadays anyway, that isn’t going to work for much longer.

    I don’t really care about continuity. The examples you provided – Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog – are classic examples of stories which have begun hamstrung by the ridiculous extremes gone to by writers and editorial to make a bunch of stuff which contradicts itself all somehow coalesce into a coherent narrative, despite the fact they were conceived as formats for short, unrelated stories.

    Readers have to accept their share of responsibility – it was whinging about the rebooted Strontium Dog that convinced the publisher to marry the two eras of the character, despite the horrible mess that resulted when the same thing was attempted with Rogue Trooper. Laziness and lack of imagination are behind reader demands that every discrepancy is afforded an in-story explanation.

  2. Was there whinging over the Stront reboot?

    I don’t really remember any.

    I enjoyed the post-reboot stories, and I enjoyed the first part of Life and Death, although less so the follow-up second Mutant War.

  3. TordelBack told me there was carping that knowing how reboot Johnny would eventually meet his end spoiled the dramatic tension. I doubt it was the majority opinion, but squeaky wheels …

    I’m not sure how I could ever NOT enjoy Wagner and Carlos on Strontium Dog, and the reboot is as good as most of the stories in the original run. My only issue is that it’s mostly been as good as perfectly fine stuff like Outlaw, rather than hitting either the dramatic peaks of Portrait and Rage, or the straightforward fun of The Killing and The Shicklegruber Grab.

    • I’m surprised they would listen to the message board, I thought more likely that it was just something that either they personally wanted addressing, or would work as a hook to get lapsed readers back.

      I really liked the caper stories like the Tax job and the Headley foot job – I thought those were easily as good the earlier tales.

  4. “Given his recent comments concerning retirement,”

    What did he say, Sauchie? Is there a link to the comment?

  5. On the subject of Johnny’s Alpha – Tharg could have done a ‘What if…’ with the Life and Death storyline.

    The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha saga is an alternative ‘what if he lived’ story.

    I don’t see any connection between the original Johnny Alpha (RIP) and the current one. They’re the same character bur living in alternate SD universes. That’s my take on it. I can enjoy it more ‘pretending’ this is Johnny Alpha version #2. If you read the current SD stories with that approach you may enjoy them more. 🙂

    I think Rebellion could go this route when Wagner retires from Judge Dredd.

    At some point Dredd will have to face the grim reaper so an alternative version of Judge Dredd – a full reboot – is worth considering. Judge Dredd is over – here is Judge Dredd version #2. DC and IDW did that with their Dredd – a full reboot – but this will be the official Rebellion 2000AD reboot version #2.

    John Wagner would give his blessing/consent:

    “I’ve decided to retire from writing. Rebellion came to me and said they’d like to reboot Judge Dredd from scratch. I thought that was a great way to continue the character. The new Judge Dredd has no links to my work.”

    Something like that could be possible. I’d rather see an all-new Judge Dredd. Wagner’s version should end when he retires. It seems only right and respectful.

  6. I always thought Day of Chaos was the ideal story to kill off Judge Dredd. Dredd dies ‘saving’ MC-1 but we don’t see his death. It’s just reported he dies.

    In the aftermath story in the next prog we find out the true scale of destruction wrought on MC-1. Millions dead. The city facing its darkest hour. On the final page of the story,in the last few panels, we see Dredd return. Chief Judge Hershey says

    “I though you died?”

    and Dredd says

    “No, I just popped out to the newsagent to get some milk.”

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