8 comments on “Stickleback – Number of the Beast

  1. Off topic (hope you don’t mind)….

    I may have a treat for ECBT sci-fi fans. It will arrive in January. It’s a little project I’ve been working on. I would like to give a clue but I can’t cos I might reveal the actual project! But it’s not 2000AD related.

    I’ll post a trailer for it in early January. 🙂

  2. HERE IS THE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Battle For The Force arrives at the end of the month or in January 2015!


    • “The echoes of the past never stay silent”

      Are you sure about that one? It doesn’t really bear scrutiny as a metaphor – an echo *can’t* “stay silent”, because all an echo is, is noise. It’s either a noise, or it doesn’t exist, and echoes *never* return once giving way to silence.

      The idea of a metaphor is to use the reader’s existing understanding of an object, situation, or natural phenomenon to suggest the character or operation of an abstract idea you are trying to communicate. The best ones instantly and unambiguously communicate themselves to the reader, without contradiction or the need for further consideration.

      Nobody needs to have the concept of a pain in the arse explained to them – you know one when you meet one, as I’m sure you can now attest.

  3. My interpretation….

    The past – at a subjective, personal level – is a recollection of your memories, right? I think so – so the ‘echoes’ of the memories can resonate into the present and the future. That’s what it means! The echoes of the past can influence the present.

    Here is another teaser trailer for you to examine! The name of the villain has changed. I changed it in the screenplay.

    I won’t mention this again as it’s off-topic material. 🙂

  4. One last post!

    This was my original outline for my screenplay…


    Battle For The Force arrives next week! 🙂

    If ECBT 2000AD doesn’t mind, I’ll make one post with the link so people can read the screenplay/ignore it/print it off and tear it up. 😛

    Back to 2000AD comments for me. 🙂

  5. I didn’t want to post this on another thread due to its off topic nature.

    BATTLE FOR THE FORCE arrives in a few hours time! The epic adventure continues….

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