One comment on “To End All Wars

  1. Eammonn, many thanks for singling out my own and Kate Charlesworth’s contribution in TOEAW. I’m more used to writing about others people’s books and comics on the Forbidden Planet Blog, but after putting out a call for contributors to TOEAW the editors saw a photo I had taken of an unusual father and son war grave near my home, father killed WWI, son fallen in WWII, and said there is a story in there, why not try writing one… And from there came Memorial to the Mothers, all in a sudden flood of emotion, with Kate developing some lovely art (her final image of all the mothers from different eras and parts of the world looking sadly out at the reader is wonderfully emotional, I think). Have been happy to see the anthology doing well and making some money for a medical charity which badly needs every penny they can get (none of the contributors make anything from this, didn’t seem right with this subject, least we can do is try and help others in turn), but after so many years writing about other comics and books quite pleasing to see a story I penned made an impact on someone, so thanks.

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