6 comments on “Judge Dredd Megazine 355

  1. “Al Ewing and Ben Oliver ‘s Dredd strip the “The Cop”

    Ben Oliver is great, but *The Cop* is illustrated by the equally divine Ben Willsher. Thanks for reminding me to get a copy, buddy.

  2. Pardon the off-topic nature of this post…

    My fan screenplay is now online!


    The saga continues!


  3. I didn’t know it would post the screenplay here! Honest! I thought I’d post the link, not the actual screenplay!

    Sauchie might like to have a read of it. Everyone else can ignore it. Cheers!

  4. One final comment, if anyone wants to read it (!) please refresh this page because I’ve removed some typos that I missed and re-edited it. The updated page will have the link with the altered text. Thanks.

  5. Major 2000ad news!!

    “Simon called today to pass on his best wishes for a Happy Christmas and is looking forward to seeing you guys at the various shows that he will be attending in the new year.
    He also dropped some bombshell news that I can reveal exclusively to all of you loyal Biz fans. Next year Simon is starting work on a brand new, 60 page story for 2000AD, featuring none other than Joe Pineapples from The ABC Warriors! This is a return to the coolest character that Simon made his own in his comic’s debut back in ’88. Simon is currently working out the details with the great Pat Mills, who is returning for script duties, the artwork will be fully painted and a real labour of love.”

    Is this real? Wow, 60 pages of painted art?

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