3 comments on “Review – 2000AD 1913

  1. Spot on. The Order hasn’t grabbed me, but its better than Black Shuck, it has potential. Ulysses Sweet rocks. To be fair, I think Orlok is Wyatt’s most likeable work, the art is great

  2. My fave is Dark Justice. My favourite Dredd strip since Day of Chaos. Mega-City Confidential not far behind.

    Enjoying the change of plot in Savage. It looks as if the Americans are similar to the Volgans but with expensive suits and Richard Branson beards!

    The Order – hmm, okay. Need a few more parts to see how it goes.

    Ulysses Sweet – I’d prefer the character without the chip personality but this is a reboot of the series so things change. It’s okay in a over-the-top ‘it’s wacky’ way. Tad plot-less, perhaps?

    Orlok – yeah, seems good enough. Perhaps more of a JD Meg strip?

    The overall feel of the prog is very retro. All strips bar The Order feature characters from 1980s or 1970s 2000AD. Most old-era 2000AD I can recall.

  3. I liked the reference to Ro-Jaws, though the dialogue seems to suggest that /all/ FRED-2L droids swear at you, rather than just Ro-Jaws, who I thought was supposed to be a single defective unit? Or perhaps the woman in the cafe just keeps running in to R-J?

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