11 comments on “ECBT2000ad Ep195

    • Wells’s contributions were as hilarious as they were shambolic. He always has that delay, which means everyone haltingly talks over each other in the equivalent of when you step out the way to let someone walk past and they move in the same direction, but making everything he said completely indecipherable was a genius move.

      This is what we want from a 2000ad-based podcast, not a slickly produced advert for a new publication, featuring comic royalty and a highly respected critic.

  1. Rebellion cost cutting?

    Apparently this week’s 2000AD and this month’s JD Megazine have inferior paper quality!

    Forum comments:

    “Superfluous commentary but paper stock decline is very noticeable on the meg ”

    “I agree. The new paper is shite. It’s virtually transparent.”

    “I’m a bit disappointed there’s been no “official” word on this new paper travesty or have I missed something elsewhere?”


    Doesn’t sound too good. 😦

  2. Page quality update!

    Paper is good quality, shiny and white. You can a little of the black print from the other page. Not a big deal! Thrill-power still running at high levels. 🙂

  3. Loving the podcasts though I haven’t listened to this one yet. I just had a question which I couldn’t find the answer to about Judge Dredd: America. (Spoilers ahead)

    The three guys who raped Benny Beeny/America are they then the judges who are reporting Judge Beeny to Dredd saying she had been making bad judgements? Because It looks like the 3 judges are wearing the same head gear only slightly different and similar builds.

    Anyone know if they’re the same people?

    • I don’t think they’re *literally* meant to be the same people, but it’s an interesting way to read the story, Jamie. It encourages the reader to contrast the way the deadbeat judge stands by and lets her mother/father (who was trying to bring down justice department) be assaulted and the way Dredd intervenes to protect Beeny (who is trying to reform justice department) from similar characters and a (thematically) similar threat.

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