8 comments on “Judge Dredd – The Mega Collection

  1. I’m not sure how they’re going to think up 80 different themes for this collection haha. I’m a bit of a new reader to Dredd started reading about 5 months ago. What other themes/storylines could they use?

    The Pitt, The day the law died, Robot wars, Judge Cal, and a Wasteland type theme.These are the ones I have heard about and they could use going to be hard to get 80.

  2. There are 80 books, not 80 different themes. According to the website, the 80 books are grouped together under 6 themes – DEMOCRACY, DARK JUDGES, ANDERSON & OTHERS, ROBOT RAMPAGE, THE MEGA-EPICS, and MAD CITY. Divided equally, that makes around 13 books per theme. There aren’t enough Dark Judges stories to fill 13 200 page books, so I’m guessing some themed groups of books will contain more individual books than others.

  3. 80 books released every two weeks is just under four years in total. I can’t see how any fan would buy all 80 books. That’s just under £800! That’s crazy money to spend on graphic novels. Rebellion must think the fans are made of money.

    I might buy one or two at full price – Anderson: Shamballa would be nice to have in my collection and one of the classic Dredd epics, but the rest, no, sorry, it’s impossible. Too much money.

  4. Well good luck to Hatchette if they think fans will fork out 800 quid on 80 books!

    I can’t imagine many will. The books look lovely, but not everyone has £800 to spend on comics! I sure don’t! I’ll get two or three at the most. That’s enough for me. 🙂

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