2 comments on “Prog 1916 – Subscribers’ preview

  1. If fans of Savage go back and read part 1 of Grinders it makes more sense (now that Jack Savage bas been introduced).

    I don’t think it’s any potential spoiler to say it’s a great plot development to have Bill’s brother about to betray Bill to the Volgans! Jack, how could you?!

    Cool storytelling by Pat Mills. 🙂

  2. Dark Justice – part 6:

    It’s still enjoyable and the art is absolutely gorgeous but it’s ticking all the cliché ‘marines in space/ action flick’ boxes. I loved the idea of the Dark Judges on a spaceship but when you read the episodes the storyline feels a bit old hat and kinda predictable (although Justice 4 getting vaped was a surprise!).

    I would have preferred Hershey sending other Judges to assist Dredd and Anderson. The Dark Judges pose a serious threat to space and MC-1 so it’s hard to imagine why Hershey wouldn’t be able to find some spare Judges. I know MC-1 is in a state after Day of Chaos, Judge numbers are a little thin, but this is the Dark Judges! Not regular Joe Shmoe perps! Why would Verminators be better at capturing Dark Judges than seasoned street Judges?

    Also – perhaps it’s time the Dark Judges had some weapons to defend themselves. Just standing there waiting to be shot by Anderson and the Verminators – the Dark Judges never seem to learn! You would have thought one of them would have proffered the suggestion: “we keep getting shot at, let’s find a shield!”


    I can understand why John Wagner was reluctant to bring them back. They’re iconic villains, an inspired genius creation, but limited in substance. They just walk about killing people. Er…that’s it. It’s hard to do new things with characters with zero depth.

    But it’s going to be fun to see what happens next. How will Dredd and Anderson win?!

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