2 comments on “Official 2000ad Thrillcast 02: Mechanismo

  1. Disappointed to find out Mechanismo is not number 2 of 80. It’s number 24. The book’s spine is not a direct continuation of book 1’s spine. i thought the books would be published in order so the spine image would progress per book. Count me less than impressed with that marking decision!

    It’s good to know 2000AD doesn’t have the same policy. You buy the first 2000AD, prog 1 and the following week you visit the newsagent to buy 2000AD and it’s prog 1536!


    • Never complain about something that Tharg may have had a hand in. You should be grateful that you’re getting this series!

      Like Grud, he is infallible and to speak out against his almightiness is a crime, punsihable by the Trifecta typing furiously on their troll keyboards to supress your say on things. Next they’ll be after you with ak47’s to stop your free speech.


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