3 comments on “Prog 1917 – Subscribers’ Preview

  1. PROG 1924 content revealed!


    Judge Dredd experiences the repercussions of the Titan penal revolt in follow-up Enceladus: New Life by Rob Williams and Henry Flint,

    Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha is given a mission to undertake if he’s to save his friends from execution in The Jing-Jong Job by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra,

    Celtic barbarian Slaine battles against the Drune Lords in the second book of The Brutania Chronicles, Primordial, by Pat Mills and Simon Davis,

    Old-school copper Harry Absalom is on the trail of someone training demon-killers in Under a False Flag by Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion,

    Detective Carcer once again plunges into the world of the alien Hurde in Outlier II: Dark Symmetry by T.C. Eglington and Karl Richardson.


  2. Dark Justice – part seven.

    Oh my. That was intense.

    Page two – panel two! Wow.

    I’m glad I’m not a ten year old reading Dark Justice. It would have scared the life out of me.

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