3 comments on “Review – 2000AD 1918

  1. Don’t you mean ‘Block War’ and not ‘Block Mania’? C’mon man…get with the revisionists! 😉
    Googe is already lost to the US market and only does ‘Survial Geeks’ when he can.

  2. Not sure any fan has mentioned this but…

    Dredd uses a suction trap against Death and Mortis. Bizarrely, it appears to explode in a flash of light, taking out most of Judge Mortis’ right arm. Why did the trap explode? They suck in the surrounding air, they’re not grenades.

    Makes no sense.

    Wagner reinvented what a suction trap can do just to keep Mortis and Death in physical form. Had Dredd said “grenade” and thrown a grenade – it would make sense. But it was a suction trap. They don’t explode, they suck in the Dark Judges. Not good writing! But I’m enjoying the overall storyline. Just a few dumb bits that make it feel a bit average in parts. But I am enjoying it and it’s exciting and fun. 🙂

  3. Just to add – it looks like a suction trap. If anyone can prove it was a grenade – fair enough. I’ll stand in the corner, all embarrassed! Perhaps it’s a belt charge? Can anyone help on this?

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