2 comments on “Prog 1919 – Happy Birthday Cover

  1. Happy Birthday 2000AD!

    There are a few niggles I have with Dark Justice.

    In part eight (Prog 1918) Dredd uses a suction trap against Death and Mortis. Bizarrely, it appears to explode in a flash of light, taking out most of Judge Mortis’ right arm. Why did the trap explode? They suck in the surrounding air, they’re not grenades.


    In this week’s episode, Anderson uses the trap on Judge Fire. For some reason – not explained – Fire escapes. How does he escape? Faulty trap? Has Judge Fire discovered a way to combat the suction power of the trap? It’s not explained.

    Also, how exactly did Judge Death find PJ Maybe’s house? Wasn’t in in the Cursed Earth in some spirit form? I think so. I didn’t want to mention that earlier in the current Dark Story story because I was enjoying it too much but it’s a slight niggle how Death managed to find the other Dark Judges. Perhaps the Sisters of Death helped him. That could be it.

    But the stuff about the suction traps – one turns to a grenade and the other can’t trap Judge Fire – feels like inconsistent writing and brings the overall storyline down a notch or two. It’s still good fun but slightly contrived. Dredd’s lawgiver not working just when he’s about to take out Judge Death – an example of a contrived moment of the plot – merely to keep Death in human form. It’s just these little things that niggle!

  2. I think it might be a belt charge? Yeah, that would explain it. But not sure why Fire didn’t stay in the trap.

    It’s only a story! Yep!

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