2 comments on “Prog 1920 -Subscribers’ Preview

  1. Read most of the prog. Some thoughts.

    Dark Justice. The plot is very simple but I am enjoying it. I did find the “hang about” line amusing. If some Dredd fans didn’t like it – many/most of the Saturday Daily Star Dredds had Judge Dredd saying some jokey type comment at the end so “hang around” is consistent with them (and some of the 2000AD 1980s Dredds too).

    The final part is next week!

    I suspect PJ Maybe’s fate will be revealed/continued in a future story.

    Savage – major plot point is revealed. Robusters! – so that’s how you-know-who became you-know-what! Great stuff.

    Survival Geeks – am enjoying this. It’s nice to have some lighter stuff in the prog. Not ever strip has to feature macho heroes saving the world/universe or their local library.

    Yet to read The Order and Tharg’s Thrillers.

  2. Not entirely sure but this might be the Greg Staples drawing that inspired John Wagner to write Dark Justice:


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