3 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep 199

  1. Shocking. You wouldn’t get this on the first and only official podcast. Mistakes about story titles and motivations yes, but none of this gingerness.

    • It’s an absolute disgrace, we mention a convention that was the upcoming weekend and useless PR Guru at ECBT Towers fucks up and posts this up the day after the event ended RICHARD!

      Still, I’m gonna have a look at women in their underwear thread on the forum. I so love that thread and would love to thank the sexist moderator for starting it and then having the cheek to blame the drink.
      It seems drink excuses anything to some!

      For all those wanting to check that thread out, it was taken down but only after FIVE years and when I pulled him up on his disgraceful behaviour in a thread. I presume it went further after then PMSL

      • Well since the word “Prick” can be used without being observed as name calling or bullying perhaps it is appropriate in this circumstance and directed vociferously to the hypocrite in question.

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