3 comments on “Prog 1921 Review – Orlok

  1. Luckily the opinion didn’t stretch to the unnecessary nudity in there. Mind you it was a bloke so it doesn’t matter.

  2. Now that the Dark Judges are in space I think there is potential in one more storyline. Something like this:

    Five years from now…

    A distress signal is sent from outer space. Justice Dept picks up the distress call. It has come from a neighbouring planet. The planet has economic links with MC-1 – there are trade deals etc. The Chief Judge sends Dredd and other Judges to investigate the distress call. When they arrive on the planet they discover the largest city is under the control of the Dark Judges.


    The Dark Judges haven’t killed everyone. They’ve enslaved much of the population. The reason?

    The Dark Judges are dying.

    Their souls are decaying. Due to the long term exposure in space they suffered extreme radiation. It is a terminal condition. No matter how many times they inhabit new bodies, the radiation continues. However, the Dark Judges have found a way to prolong their lifespan. The planet contains a rare mineral resource which can be used to slow down the radiation poisoning. In theory, the mineral reserves could keep them ‘alive’ for thousands of years. The citizens are forced to mine for this mineral. The mineral is chemically altered in the labs and injected into the Dark Judges.

    The story would feature the Dark Judges with some new weapons – weapons appropriated from the planet. New tech. The Dark Judges would control an undead type army to give them extra protection.

    Dredd’s plan is get the citizens on his side, incite revolt, to combat the Dark Judges and their army. If the mineral reserves are destroyed the Dark Judges will die and never return.

    The Dark Judges are forced to compromise. Due to their terminal condition they have to keep some of the population alive to mine the mineral.

    The ending of the storyline would see Dredd lead the citizens against the Dark Judges. The final battle. The Dark Judges would succumb to terminal radiation. Their souls would rot into oblivion. They would, for the very last time, cease to exist.

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