8 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep 200

  1. interesting comments about Dark Justice.

    From the podcast:

    “Kind of hate the whole thing.”


    I think the problem with DK there was no real passion behind to it. I thought it was pretty good fun, but there was the whiff of Wagner on auto-pilot. Stuff like the lawgiver 3 not working, Fear being captured first, Anderson referring to Fire as “sparky” – the DJ having no improved tech to protect themselves – all done before.

    If Matt Smith reads this site it might be worth getting a new writer to develop the idea of Death and co on a planet, forcing the population to mine for some mineral or whatever it is to keep the DJs alive. The twist being – the DJ NEED to keep cits alive! Without their toil, the DK will die. Dredd could be portrayed as a hero coming to the planet to rescue the cits from the evil of the DJ. Dredd on another planet – some weird alien world – could open up new possibilities.

    • I felt it was hyped up to the point where it could not deliver and what it did give us was less than the sum of the parts. The art, though…groundbreaking work.

  2. The spirit form of the DJ has never been destroyed but what if some radiation – space radiation – perhaps from some planet or star – mutated their spirits? They would need to find a cure, some way to stop the decay. They discover the solution on a planet. Rare mineral reserves, enhanced by chemical synthesis, slow down or reverse the decay. But the Dark Judges can’t do it by themselves. They need the cits of the planet to mine the reserves and produce the drug.

    Dredd and co arrive on the planet, help liberate the citizens, and defeat the Dark Judges.

    Even if Tharg hires another writer to bring back the Dark Judges, it’s going to be the same storyline – the Dark Judges go around the place killing people. That’s all they do, all they ever do. They have no other purpose. But why not do a 180 degrees u-turn on that and start a new story with the DJ facing oblivion. For the first time ever there is a real threat to their undead existence – prolonged exposure to space radiation has done the impossible – it’s slowly destroying them. If you go that route with the storyline then the DJ have to have some new purpose. They can’t go around killing everyone, they have to find a solution to their problem.

    I think this is the best way forward for the characters. Reinvent their purpose. They have to think about their own survival, and use what is available. They can’t afford to kill everyone, they have to keep some people alive to extract and manufacture the drug to keep them going! And then Dredd and his team arrive on the planet and the whole scenario steps up a gear. Dredd realizes this is his best chance to destroy Judge Death, Mortis and Fear. Without the drug they will face oblivion.

    And at the end of the story the three DJ are obliterated. Their souls are erased from existence. But… the final page is back in MC-1 in the containment chamber vault.

    Judge Fear remains!

    So you never know, perhaps one day Fear will escape and seek revenge on Dredd and MC-1!

    I feel a storyline like this – where the Dark Judges have to change their plans to maintain their survival – is the best way forward for the characters. šŸ™‚

    • Sadly I think I saw it written on the web somewhere else! Ah that’s right, you wrote it the other day!
      Why not send it off to the FutureQuake team and then we can look forward to seeing it in a futire issue!

    • The only reason Dredd stories featuring the Dark Judges always go the same way is that Dredd and Anderson already know how to beat them and have the means to do so at their disposal.

      Although I didn’t really enjoy the *Plagues of Necropolis* flashback stories by Si Spencer (not Spurrier), I think Rich correctly identified those kinds of low key horror stories as the way to restore the sense of fear and threat to the Dark Judges, rather than more epic tussles with Dredd.

      Wagner knows it as well – removing Dredd from the equation is exactly how he allowed Death & Co. to convincingly triumph during *Necropolis*. As soon as Dredd went toe-to-toe with them the entire 6 month long storyline wrapped up in a single issue, with some psychic mumbo-jumbo and a spot of light hoovering.

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