2 comments on “Prog 1923 Review – Orlok

  1. Glad you reviewed this prog….saves me doing it. Firstly…. you sure that strip is called “The Order”? bwa-ha-haaaa. Once again the ill informed-ness shines through 😉

    Second… the Dredd. Is THE BEST ONE AND DONE DREDD EVER!!!!! Of course I’m a junkie for any straight to video movie with sharks or piranhas so this was right up my street. Also I miss the weirdness of Mega City One from the Ron Smith days and this was such an awesome throw back to that. Know the cool style now is to be dark or mirroring current politics or to put men with biscuits in the walls but, to repeat myself again, comics should be fun. This was fun. Felt like it wanted to put a smile on my face and it did.

    Third…. I loved Geeks. Not enough to remember the full title apparently (it is 2:30am)..wait…SURVIVAL GEEKS! But… yeah. I liked the nerdy in jokes and while I agree the art was fucking stunning I do think the writing was worthy of it. It was, if you pardon the expression, a “fun romp”. Nothing wrong with that.

    Rest of it? Twisted Tales didnt float my boat. Savage was ok but hoping the next arc has a bit more oomph to it and 3rillers didnt do what it said on the tin.

    • Cheers for that, guv’nor.
      This website lost all credibility. It’s no wonder why cockwaffles use it as the go to option for apportioning blame for things that have nothing to do with it. It’s the Toothy equivalent of “Thanks Obama!”.
      I was feeding sharks today. They were circling the boat as we were cutting up the snapper. If you ever come over, you’re welcome to jump in and try and ride them round the Hauraki Gulf.
      And that is what you get for liking Survival Geeks.

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