2 comments on “Prog 1925 cover preview

  1. Orlok in prog 1924 has one of the most bizarre/incomprehensible jump cut moments I’ve ever read. Orlok is given details of his new mission and then on page 4 we cut to another spy saying “it’s no problem for the Black Widow!”


    Bonkers scene. We don’t even know who he is – he just speaks wtihout any introduction or scene setting! LOL

    Was a page missing from the story? Who knows!

  2. Oh right! I think I get it. Page 3 is not the mission briefing to Orlok – it’s the mission briefing to the Black Window.

    Oh right. i just realized.

    Wow – talk about a strange way to tell a story. I suppose it’s a different approach. Confusing for us mere mortals.

    Elsewhere in the prog, I sense many weeks of silly character names in Grey Area. Oh such hilarity.

    Not, probably. šŸ˜›

    You can tell when a writer gets bored with his own work – he has to create some alternate parallel world and stick the characters in it! Abnett did that with Sinister Dexter – he sent them to another planet/universe thingy – Generica – and he’s done the same gimmick with Grey Area. It’s done to pad out a storyline which has run out of steam! Abnett is the most clichĆ©d writer working for 2000AD!

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