3 comments on “Prog 1924 Review – Orlok

  1. The mirroring/reversal of Giant Sr and Giant Jr’s diagnosing of psychiatric patients (and the inversion of the role of Dredd in each) is something that went completely over my head. Top analysis, Orlok.

  2. Stix could be the offspring of the original Stix, bearing in mind we have Kid Knee’s son knocking around, and Alpha’s been underground for at least a decade.

    There was also a previously unmentioned cousin in Blood Moon, so they could be more of that branch of the family.

    Or Stix’s Dad was wrong, and there were some still some knocking around, he just thought they’d been killed by Stronts and blamed the Stronts for it.

    Plenty of options.

  3. Well, I found out after my old man had croaked it that I had a bunch of extra brothers so that doesn’t shock me. Weird how they all look alike. Not that I’m being racist or anything.

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