4 comments on “‘Arm Buyer’s Almanac 2106’

  1. It may have been reprinted, but I first saw that in either the 2000AD or Judge Dredd 1985 (which would have been published in 1984, hence the 2106 date on the almanac).

  2. Yeah, 1985 Dredd annual according to Comic Vine.

    There was the photo of the first Dredd cosplayer (foam armour and a motorbike helmet) in the 1986 2000AD annual

    • I can remember a few things about the Judge cosplayer – firstly that there wasn’t a helmet and secondly that he didn’t have regulation-length hair 🙂

      • Yeah, it was just a white helmet with the logo on it – I think Ian Gibson might have had a hand in making the foam armour, or it was based on his designs.

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