10 comments on “Prog 1925 Review – Orlok

  1. Kid Knee strained his cruciate ligament by watching too much telly. I didn’t *think* I was racist but I must be, because I keep on being told how terrible the Korean racism is yet it just seems like ripping the pish out of arseholes to me.

    • Personally, I think Wagner has never been afraid to stereotype in order to get a laugh or kick the hornet’s nest of cultural differences. There will be inevitable howls of derision and maybe that’s a healthy thing to stir the debate. And it is worth noting that not all of the Koreans are depicted as tyrannical dickbeards, just the ones running the show.

  2. ‘…or called a “prick” by moderators. Good luck with that.”… I got called a dick for being polite & thought better than to report it. If it helps with their small willy syndrome so be it, I’m sure it’s great material for their chat up lines too…

    • Gets the ladies/gents hot to trot. There’s nothing like being a big fish in a small pond. Well, until someone tracks you down at a convention and makes you hide under a table.

  3. I don’t know what to make of the current Strontium Dog storyline. After the dramatic ending of The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha – Alpha succeeds in killing the ruling government of New Britain – and reading the first part of The Stix Fix, I thought the storyline would remain serious. Whoops – not quite! We’re getting wacky hi-jinks with Johnny and evil foreigners!

    It’s a weird mixture for sure.

    I thought the follow-up the ‘The Life and Death of…’ would have maintained the sombre style. The humour in The Stix Fix is somewhat jarring. We’ve just had a story about mutant genocide, Johnny and his kind waging war on the norms, and now it’s sort of “let’s forget that, let’s have wacky North Koreans instead!”

    In Prog 1926 we even see the general give a “hi-yaaaa!” kick at Johnny!

    As a comedy strip it’s quite amusing. But I didn’t expect this sort of approach after the last story. I would have preferred a much more serious tone. No comedy stereotypes. In this respect, I feel the resurrection of Alpha has been unnecessary.

  4. To be brutally honest, I think the story is a bit crappy and borderline childish. I thought the first episode was superb, I loved the bitter, desperate to die, new interpretation of Johnny Alpha. I loved the idea of Earth Com keeping Alpha alive, using him. I loved the idea of Alpha’s friends captured.

    Such a great set-up. But the tension has been replaced with silly humor.

    It seems misguided. The tone of the story feels weird. I do love wacky himour in 2000AD but it feels out of place in the follow-up to The Life and Death of… storyline. Also, prog 1926’s part has an annoying contrivance – the good Stix just happens to be on the SAME space hub. Wow – how convenient!

    I am enjoying the humor but the storyline is ridiculous and undermining the seriousness of Alpha’s world. Read prog 1926’s part and you’d never believe this is the same writer that brought us classics like The Killing, The Moses Quest, Outlaw etc. The strip is unrecognizable!

  5. Sorry to say this but John Wagner’s work is starting to feel a bit like George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. *

    The vision is still there but the execution is a bit off.

    Dark Justice felt very predictable with no new ideas at all.

    *(I actually liked the SW prequels but I understand why some people hated them!)

    No-one can write Dredd better than Wagner and I doubt anyone could write Strontium Dog better than Wagner but sometimes you gotta admit when things have run out of steam. I submit Johnny Alpha has run out of steam. If Wagner could give Alpha some brand new partner, get him back with new adventures which are gritty, who knows, perhaps the strip could have a future but otherwise I’d rather see the character retire. He’s had a great run but Johnny Alpha vs comedy North Koreans is not the way forward for the strip….

  6. “I feel the resurrection of Alpha has been unnecessary”… I can’t help but agree with you IATP. I feels & reads wrong to me. I’m not enjoying it as it’s clear Alpha isn’t either, it’s all been quite painful really. I suppose now that the creators have gone to all that trouble to re-write history & ignore what had gone before, we are stuck with this version of a seriously troubled Johnny Alpha. Not nice. Re-read Roadhouse and you get a quite different experience altogether. One of fondness & respect for the characters, knowing they are gone, but a lovely story to rememeber them by. I hope this zany story is a road to normality again & we get the ‘bounty hunter’ storyline that we all fell in love with at some point.

  7. Just an idea that popped into my head…

    Perhaps ‘The Stix Fix’ could have expanded on the good Stix character. Perhaps the good Stix, Phineas, is a retired Strontium Dog. He was the black sheep of the family. He was hated by the rest of his family. He quit bounty hunting and turned to religion.

    Alpha asks for his help, Phineas agrees. The rest of the story features them working together to stop the bad Stix and find the NK leader. At the end of the story Alpha says “you’re a good man, Phineas, would you like to be my partner?” The good Stix agrees.

    Future SD stories feature Alpha and Phineas Stix. A new partnership.

    This might give the strip a new lease of life. Johnny Alpha and Phineas Stix working together? Hmm…. could have possibilities!


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