4 comments on “Prog 1935 cover preview

  1. I have come up with an updated version of the logo:

    I think something like that – using the established logo but put in front of a circle white banner – would work. I don’t think we need two 2000AD logos on the cover. One is enough.

    I would be in favour of a logo like this or something similar. I feel it’s time for change. Nothing too radical but some change for Prog 2000 and progs after that. 🙂

  2. Don’t forget, the old 2000AD logo was rather large:


    That filled up about a quarter of the cover!

    This is the final updated version of my logo. I don’t think it’s too big.

    It’s not a radical change.

    I feel the ‘two logos’ design should be scrapped. It doesn’t add anything to the covers, it makes them look too cluttered. One neat and tidy logo (perhaps with a new banner layout behind the classic red logo – such as my example) is the best compromise solution. 🙂

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