4 comments on “Meg 360 Review – Orlok

  1. How dare you not like Reaper, coz I love it 🙂

    As for Judge Flowers, what a twat. Lets that beast nigh on rip his shoulder off him but somehow manages to get free, especially as those two teeth on the ower jaw should’ve killed him. Then we get him doing a bull fight sequence but off page, to get the beastie to headbutt the cage door open. Amazingly Flowers evades the beast when it does this.
    Then he finds the time to scavange from the dead, nice. Get on with your mission, you twat, it ain’t a fashion parade!
    The whole story seemed a wee bit superfluous really, as Anderson can read minds and anyway, you’d think PSI Div would have more important jobs for her to do, than check on Flowers

    I expect this in under 12’s comics but in stories for the older generation, well, let’s have some thought put into it!

  2. It does have a blandness about it all. I can’t help feeling that it’s a missed opportunity and they are picking writers who are a safe pair of hands rather than innovative. Ditto for the movie Dredd strip.

  3. In her Thrillcast interview, Beeby said she’d originally written a much longer, more ambitious story, in which Flowers played a crucial part. Tharg told her to write something shorter and more low key to begin with, so I suppose introducing Brandon here is a precursor to that longer story she has planned.

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