7 comments on “ECBT2000AD Podcast Ep216


    Prog 1950 and beyond…

    The return of PJ Maybe in Judge Dredd ‘Serial Serial’ by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil!

    The old survivors of Bad Company are back in ‘First Casualties’ by Peter Milligan, Rufus Dayglo and Jim McCarthy!

    The dead want revenge in Defoe: The London Hanged by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher!

    Wren’s sanity is at risk in Book Four of Brass Sun by Ian Edginton and INJ Culbard!

    Hitmen Sinister Dexter launch an assault on crimelord Holy Moses Tanenbaum in ‘The Taking of the Michael’ by Dan Abnett and Patrick Goddard!

  2. Well I’ll give it a listen!

    Does anyone involved with the Progcasts have any new information on the Dredd cartoon project? It’s over a year without any updates.

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