5 comments on “2000ad Prog 1950

  1. It saddens me to say this but I feel the new Bad Company story is a major mistake. As it stands, none of it makes any sense. Danny became the Krool Heart, most of the original BC team died on Ararat. This reinvention/reboot would need a twist such as Danny is still the Krool Heart and imagining this ‘story’ or Kano is imagining it – some fevered delusion caused by drugs/ experments – or perhaps a Krool is imagining it (!) it but if that is the case then we know the twist in advance. I’m expecting the twist too far in advance which kinda defeats the purpose

    I feel the story wasn’t needed. Perhaps a relative of Danny, fighting a new war against new Krool, might have been a better way to reboot/continue the saga?

  2. The story does have a twist:

    “Bad Company – on the 2k Thrillcast, Peter Milligan said that ‘all will be revealed’…

    It’s obvious BC and Danny are not as they seem so when the twist comes we’re not gonna be that surprised. I can’t see how fans are gonna be shocked when all is ‘revealed’.

  3. Perhaps most older 2000AD stories should be left in the past? Bringing them back can lead to a continuity nightmare. I’m probably judging the strip too quickly. Fair enough. Prejudice is a terrible thing!

    Also, must admit (sorry!) I don’t think Rufus Dayglo’s art is ideal for the strip. Perhaps a bit too cartoony for a war story. Art is more suited to stuff like Tank Girl. It feels, dare I say, a tad fanzine in style.

    (okay, people can hate me for saying that!)

  4. First Casualties is a very unusual story because it appears to be a reboot but maintaining some elements of past BC stories.

    In ep 2 Kano says Danny was the Krool Heart. Kano remembers his time on the Border planets. It’s going to be interesting to see how Peter Milligan makes the plot fit together.

    Did Danny Franks escape the Krool Heart and alter the timeline? Is this the same timeline as the original BC stories or an alternate timeline/parallel dimension version of Bad Company?

    I dunno, at the moment it”s really confusing./intriguing. I hope Mr Milligan can pull it off and it makes sense! Wow – good luck!

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