4 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep221

  1. I was notified (without any details) that there was a new podcast so settled down with the last few progs. I was a bit surprised when the Egmont publication was the subject though – luckily my copy of Lawman of the Future was close at hand. Then when Scream! was mentioned so I had to pause the podcast (serves me right for listening to it without looking at the preview on here) and dig out my copy of Scream! No 1 (took about half an hour – found No 5 long before I got to my other non-House of Tharg IPC publications).

    22p, Australia 55c, New Zealand 55c, Malaysia $1.45, Transylvania 2 Marks. *heh*

    I didn’t get the first issue when it came out (they’d all sold out, so I had to start the next week). I’d completely forgotten that Redondo didn’t draw the first episode of monster, as his style is so engrained with Terry and Kenneth, surviving the ‘merger’ with Eagle and trip to Australia. Good to see Eric Bradbury right from the beginning of The Dracula File, and Ortiz on The Thirteenth Floor. Well, not /on/ the Thirteenth Floor – wouldn’t wish that on him!

    • Funny how your memory can play tricks on you – I thought Tales from the Grave was illustrated by Bradbury too, and Terror of the Cats by John Richardson (who gets on board a few episodes later).

      Are you going to go on to the second issues of these comics?

  2. Abrams was only involved in creating the concept of Lost and writing/directing the pilot which is why he claims the title Executive Producer on every episode but he had zero involvement in any other episodes after that and full responsibility went to producers Lindelof and Cuse, so Abrams is really only responsible for the pilot, which is good.

  3. Yes…We will. Rich will be doing the regular podcast for a bit and myself, John and Steve will do one of these every now and again. Scream #2 will definitely be done.

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