3 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep233

  1. Hi people…
    Just dropping by to say that I love the podcast. Sometime I agree with what you say some not … but I really enjoy listening to you. I am a late comer… I’ve been listening for the last 15-20 podcasts (while driving to work) and its been great. I dont even care for Star Wars films or the Marvel films (they are all factory made-poser-noisy shit for me ) but I stayed for the whole Ep. listening about “Emo Vader” lauging.

    Even the fact that you are discussing the progs with a small delay “fits” my schedule. So normally I get your podcasts as soon as I read my comics

    Keep up the great work… I would appreciate a brief post or bio about who is who (about you people I mean) but anyway I seem to be catching up after each episode.

  2. Finally!
    A fan at last!

    I keed, I keed! Welcome and thanks for listening. I think that might be a good idea to have a brief bio of who’s who on the podcast. I’ll run the idea with the rest of the gang and probably post something.

    Thanks again for the comment.

    Keep listening!

  3. Just one more comment. (well now you got a fan and you cant keep him quiet)

    Although I agree that the Prog is on a low point I believe it has been a very strong year.
    I get lost in Brass Sun (although this book seemed easier to follow than the previous ones) and that Bad Company is soooo bad (when both Milligan and Rufus can be soooo good) that it has made me furious Its a shame that it ends this way ) but it has been a very strong year.

    I’ll keep quit now . Hopefully until the next podcast comes out.

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