One comment on “Prog 1966 cover preview

  1. Oooh, that is one fine cover.


    Some thoughts on Prog 1965…

    Great idea using the zeros in the logo for a nice pun title.

    Judge Dredd – Ghosts (part 3) has the classic clichĂ© Dreddism:

    “Dredd’s alive!”

    Well we’ve never heard that before. Heh. Michael Carroll continues to amaze us with his imagination – rogue Judges, conspiracies etc. Yawn.

    The artwork is fantastic, though.

    Kingdom is okay but almost zero substance to the plot. This seems the entire plot of Kingdom:

    Gene fights some of Them. Meets some people/soldiers – chats for a bit – then they fight more of Them – then Gene meets some new people/soldiers – chats for a bit – then they fight more of Them. No real meat to the plot. Kinda predictable, perhaps?

    More great artwork, though!

    The Order – like this. Classic 2000AD stuff. Weird, unpredictable. 🙂

    Robusters – Not sure why Hammerstein needs to tell this story when Blackbood and Mek-Quake have defected over to Volkhan’s army – and if memory serves me, didn’t Volkhan and his army do a spectacular U-turn and run away from the ABC Warriors in an earlier book? I think so.

    I’d rather go back to the main story but I guess this backstory – Ro-Jaws’ ability to subvert Quartz’s control of the robots – has some future bearing?

    The flashback is fun and Clint Langley’s artwork is as detailed as ever (!), but I suspect the current saga is gonna go on for years. The ABC Warriors will have rust fatigue by the time Pat Mills finishes this!

    Strontium Dog – good fun. I wonder if the twist will be The two Stix plan to doublecross Alpha and his gang? The Stix are known for their mercenary, dishonest tendencies.

    Overall score for prog : 8.5 out of 10

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