5 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep236

  1. Re Prog 1966…

    I trust Clint Langley is okay and not suffering artwork exhaustion? I mention this because his artwork has changed style in the last three progs. Bit strange! And this week’s art is, by his high standard, rather rushed looking.

    Perhaps he’s struggled to meet the deadline?

    Some other musings…

    What’s happened to Flesh? The last book was at the end of 2013:


    Seems time for it to return! 🙂

    And Tharg seems to have forgotten about Ampney Crucis Investigates! Last seen in 2013. The saga hasn’t had a resolution. If memory serves me, I think Ampney’s father appeared or something. Anyway, it ended on a cliffhanger…

  2. I messed up the post so here goes again.

    Clint Langley’s art looks a bit rushed in Prog 1966. He’s changed art style in the last three progs! I hope he isn’t suffering artwork exhaustion. Perhaps he needs a rest.

    I wonder what’s happened to Flesh? Last book was at the end of 2013. I think it’s time for it to return.

    Ampney Crucis Investigates. Last book was in 2013. If memory serves me, Ampney’s father appeared. The story ended on a cliffhanger. I hope the story will return so we get a conclusion. 🙂

  3. I think the plan was for Langley to take over art duties on Flesh, so you’ll need to wait until he’s finished with Robusters.

  4. Not sure if Mr Langley is having an identity crisis, though. His artwork has changed style in the last three progs. Given the incredible attention to detail in Langely’s art, I assume

    A) he never stops working

    B) he never sleeps

    C) he is not human, just a robot.

    C seems most likely.

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