3 comments on “Prog 1965 Review – Orlok

  1. You’ve heard Uncle Pat tell Flint about his UFO experience – I’m sure he’s sincere about the 9/11 and crisis actors shite. At the same time, that whole insane world, with its Escher logic and baroque detail, provides great architecture to pin a load of puns, innuendo, and robot ultraviolence upon.

    I don’t buy any of it, but then I never bought Pat’s new age crap about ley lines or the idea that MC1 was so violent only fascism could keep a lid on crime, either. Still enjoy the stories.

  2. That would be disappointing and I always lose a little respect for someone when they turn out to have 9/11 conspiracy theories or are into Scientology.
    My brother is a Truther and though I love him dearly we have some great disagreements about Building 7 (his new smoking gun since the missile that hit the Pentagon had to have been zig-zagging in to knock over the light poles).
    But yeah, I get that it provides a decent backdrop and a wealth of stories to be mined.

  3. Ro-Jaws says

    “And the destruction of Northpool.”

    Older fans are likely to remember the classic Ro-Busters story: ‘The Terra-Meks’. The good-natured ship’s pilot robot ‘Charlie’ was asked to save Northpool from the greedy council. The council wanted to knock down many city blocks and move the owners underground. Quartz was hired to provide the demolition robots: The Terra-Meks

    Charlie did save the town from the Terra-Meks but a lot of buildings and streets were destroyed.

    The original Ro-Busters was 2000AD’s version of Thunderbirds. Tthe stories didn’t have deeper subtext. Pat Mills has updated Quartz’s ruthless persona for the post 9/11 conspiracy theorists/loons (!) world. I think it’s credible to think Quartz would manufacture some ‘accidents’ for profit. As mentioned above, it’s good material for stories. 🙂

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