4 comments on “Prog 1969 cover preview

  1. I guess we can add Brian Bolland to the Alan Moore hypocrite club:


    Mr Bolland owes much of his career to the US comic book heroes. If he dislikes US comic book films, wel,l it’s not as if he gave up American comics and rejoined 2000AD, is it? Nope. He hasn’t drawn a JD strip since 1981! A handful of 2000AD covers since 1981 is not exactly showing great support for 2000AD. Ya know, that BRITISH comic.

    I do love his JD artwork. He’s one of the all-time great 2000AD artists. Said in hindsight, it’s a pity he never returned to do a few more JD strips.

  2. He said he doesn’t like THE FILMS. He also said he always wanted to draw DC characters, because that’s what he read as a kid. Most recent superhero films have been Marvel, and most DC films have been pish.

    • He also also said that he’d semi-retired and was essentially a cover artist nowadays. Just think what it’d be like if the budgets that went into Marvel Cinematic Universe and whatever-the-DC-equivalent is called (plus their TV spin-offs) was spent on more intelligent fare. The films are enjoyable enough, but they don’t leave your brain much to do while your eyes are feasting on the special effects…

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