One comment on “Prog 1970 Review – Orlok

  1. I don’t think the current Judge Dredd ‘Undercover Klegg’ story is remotely true to the character.

    Small spoiler…

    In Prog 1971, the narrator says

    “Shoot the Klegg, then shoot himself. They’d think the terrorists got them. No one need ever know.

    But then the city would die. Stupid duty.”

    This makes no sense at all. It’s like Rob Williams is trying to reinvent Dredd as not interested in his duty – eager to commit suicide – just for cheap laughs. Judge Dredd does not give up nor does he contemplate killing himself – be it for serious reasons or jokey ‘let’s take the piss out of it all’ reasons. It’s not true to the character at all.

    I accept Undercover Klegg is a comedy and anything goes (!) but trying to reinvent Dredd as some guy contemplating killing himself because he hates Kleggs… sorry, I don’t buy it as comedy material.

    I think Rebellion should do the honourable thing and let John Wagner kill off Judge Dredd. I dunno, perhaps in the 40th birthday prog. Let John Wagner give Dredd his final story and then a few months later the likes of Mr Williams and Mr Carroll can reinvent Dredd with a new clone taking to the streets. The writers won’t be obliged to stick to Wagner’s version of Dredd nor his past continuity. Rob Williams can do his version of Joe and older fans will accept it. But as it stand we’re getting bizarro version of Judge Dredd and it’s tarnishing the original.

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