7 comments on “ECBT2000AD Presents…The Inky Fingers Podcast!

  1. Prog 1973 content!


    Judge Dredd: The Grindstone Cowboys by Michael Carroll, Colin MacNeil, Len O’Grady, and Annie Parkhouse;

    Tharg’s 3rillers: Repossession Orders by Eddie Robson, Jake Lynch, and Simon Bowland;

    Survival Geeks: Geeks Fatales by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby, Neil Googe, Gary Caldwell, and Ellie De Ville;

    Tainted: The Fall of Deadworld by Kek-W, Dave Kendall, and Annie Parkhouse;

    Aquila: Charon’s Mercy by Gordon Rennie, Paul Davidson, Len O’Grady, and Ellie De Ville.

    I can’t seem to host JPEG images on your site. Might be a problem with your site or my browser. The prog’s cover is Judge Dredd.

  2. I’ve read every 2000AD Judge Dredd strip from prog 2. I’d rate part 4 of Undercover Klegg the worst JD strip ever published in 2000AD!

    It’s like a bad parody of Judge Dredd – similar to the very worst stuff Big Finish produced when they had the rights to Judge Dredd.

    Dredd doesn’t even talk like Dredd. Nothing feels right about the story and the final part is painful to read.

    1 out of 10 for the story (there were a few good gags but overall, just awful). The art was good, though.

  3. Here is a rarely seen advert for the original Judge Dredd film. It was printed in film trade paper Screen International:

    Top left corner enlarged:


  4. I had a problem posting my recent posts with links. They didn’t seem to appear after I pressed ‘post comment’. Nice to see they did work. Anyone liking the original Judge Dredd film, check out the promo advert for the first JD film. It was a trade only advert and not seen in usual film magazines like Starburst etc. As rare JD films items go, it’s kinda cool. 🙂

    And check out the super high quality version of Mutants in Mega-City 1 by The Fink Brothers. Digitally enhanced 24 bit FLAC format. Even better quality then 320 kbps MP3! All hisses and crackle removed!The record sounds brand new. 🙂 That link is from an American guy. I don’t think he reads 2000AD or Judge Dredd so it was rather surprising to see him upload the 12 inch single and B side. 🙂

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