4 comments on “Prog 1972 Review – Orlok

  1. Everybody in Dredd looks funny, there’s a funny song, and Dredd says some funny things he does not usually say. Is this supposed to be some kind of comedy?

    I think they should publish a warning at the start of any strip that isn’t to be read with the completely literal minded earnestness that only truly stupid people are capable of.

    • I think we such be allowed to delete such stories from the continuity and make sure they are never mentioned again.
      The alternative of simply ripping the Prog in half before rolling into a ball and crying doesn’t seem to be working for some of us.

  2. Tainted: The Fall of Deadworld (Prog 1973) might turn out to be one of the very best JD universe spin-off strips. Very exciting strip. Could be a multi-book saga. 🙂

    • I hear someone pisses blood into another character’s mouth next week. He says cunt and fuck while doing so.

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