5 comments on “Prog 1975 Review – Orlok

  1. Yep – pleasantly surprised by Tainted. Nigel Long’s storytelling can be suspect (see The Order), but he manages to get across all the necessary information here *and* fit in funny stuff like the pisstaking bike and last week’s hilarious separation of church and state line.

  2. Playing devil’s advocate a bit, you could argue non-Wagner Dredd writers tend to use ‘MC-1 in crisis storylines’ as a crutch or an easy plot device. See Trifecta, Enceladus, the recent strip about the secret Justice Dept division. Let’s face it, no future Dredd story will ever rival Day of Chaos for mass death or impact – and Sauchie claimed Wagner intended DoC to be his final Judge Dredd story. How can you top that?

    I didn’t know Kek W’s real name was Nigel Long. Good thing his middle name isn’t William. Nigel Willy Long.

  3. Will be excited to see Orlok’s review of Prog 1977, and of the Megazine, won’t say much in case he hasn’t read it yet but it’s a very clever (Or sneaky, depending on how you look at it), piece of marketing….

  4. It’s happened before. The Doomsday Scenario and the Wilderlands Judge Dredd storylines crossed over into the Megazine. I’m guessing some 2000AD readers don’t buy the JD Meg due to its high price. It’s almost six quid. Back in the 1990s the JD Meg was a lot cheaper! More incentive to buy 2000AD and the Meg back then.

  5. Re the price of the Meg, I saw this comment on the 2000AD forum:


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    Re: Prog 1977

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    “Nothing to do with conservative tastes guys, more the fact that I bought the Meg for years, desperately trying to convince myself I was enjoying it when much of it was impenetrable guff. Eventually I just gave up and stuck with the prog, which always came across as much less self important and enjoyable.
    And though I love Dredd (& Flint art), £5.80 for one strip I’m likely to find interesting just isn’t a viable option, sorry. ”


    Some fans won’t pick up the Meg just for this Dredd story. The Meg does have one problem – it may price itself out of publication! It’s hard to imagine many fans paying out over six pound for the Meg. I stopped reading the Meg a few issues ago. Just too expensive.

    I wouldn’t mind the Meg merging with 2000AD or some radical new format for the Meg. Perhaps 32 page count, less strips. Three strips around 8 pages in length. The rest could feature a reprint or interview. Less pages would mean a cheaper price, I guess.

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