7 comments on “Prog 1978 Review – Orlok

  1. I’m really enjoying the way Michael Carroll’s suddenly discovered the joy of sudden, brutal violence. It’s very funny, as are the list of made-up crimes Deadworld PD are using to shoot people in the head. Reminds me of the fake mutant Judge Dredd and his justification of using the death penalty on the grounds that brown shoes don’t make it.

  2. I find Michael Carrolll’s Dredd terrible. What’s with Joyce saying “fecking” all the time? So lame and non-Dredd world like. When did Judges say “feck”? The whole thing is awful. Sorry, I’m sure he has talent but not with Judge Dredd. And if people disagree, they can “feck off!” 😛

    I dunno what illegal drug Gordon Rennie is on but Aquila is kinda sick. And in a ‘you need to see a shrink’ way, not in a cool ‘blood and guts’ way. I think the story is interesting but the strip has disturbing visuals. Perhaps I am wrong to think this, but I feel Matt ‘don’t call me Tharg’ Smith is trying to push the two Rebellion titles – 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine – into darker, more adult content. Aquila has a cool 2000AD storyline but the graphic content is pushing it and the same is true of that Realm of the Damned strip in the Megazine.

    I’ve noticed a definite shift in tone. The current Slaine storyline is very graphic (check out the last two books of the current saga), Aquila was graphic from the start and the last book of Defoe had one scene – when the undead – eat one of the Vizards – which was really gory/disturbing.

    Put it another way… I started reading 2000AD when I was 10. Hand on heart, I don’t think I’d want a ten year old to read current 2000AD. It’s way too violent and disturbing. All credit to Matt Smith for taking 2000AD well into the 21st century – he’s given us lots of new strips – but I wouldn’t mind a new editor taking over – perhaps reducing the horror porn element (which seems rife in current Megazine issues!) and going a different approach. Perhaps less sci-fi horror?

  3. Just to add –

    I’m not reading the last part of Aquila. It’s really sicko stuff! I reckon this current Aquila storyline is the most depraved story in 2000AD’s history. When you read it you kinda feel you need to have a bath after. Wash all the yuck off you! Still, if other 2000AD reader like heads on snails, faces torn apart and other crazy shit, fair enough. I guess horror film junkies will love it.

  4. My last post on this topic (hope no-one minds the three posts!).

    I was thinking about some of the recent stories in 2000AD and the Meg and it struck me – they’re a bit sick. Aquila is sick, PERIOD. I don’t mind a bit of blood and guts – if the story warrants mass murder and other dark stuff – fair enough, but Aquila is downright vile, it’s depravity in comic strip form, and I don’t enjoy reading nor spending money on strips like that. The funny thing is I actually like Aquila! LOL It’s well written and interesting but it’s just too depraved and I feel dirty reading it. It’s grubby and nasty. Genuinely nasty in tone.

    It just hit me this week that I don’t want to read stripes like Tainted, Aquila, Realm of the Damned. Another sick strip was Michael Carroll’s Trauma Town! Art by Nick Percival. I don’t want to read 2000AD for endless gore and depravity. Defoe is gory but that one page aside – when the Vizard got ripped to shreds – it doesn’t overcook the gore. You see a panel or two and that’s it.

    I’ve decided to give up reading 2000AD. I plan to continue until Prog 2000 and if John Wagner returns to do a new major Dredd story I’ll continue but I’ll stop after that. I’ll pick up the 40th anniversary prog too! But after that, I’m done. I can’t take all the gore. Just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve had enough of it. I find it too unpleasant and if you react that way, what’s the point reading the comic?

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