5 comments on “Prog 1980 Review – Orlok

  1. That was a fucking masterclass. From the perceptive observations regarding Oswin putting Hershey in a headlock and the name of Fire’s errant protege, to the puerile Welsh baiting, every single word of that was magnificent.

  2. I thought the most interesting thing about this prog was Tharg being incredibly tantalizing on the letters page, cruelly teasing us ‘The Ezquerra droid is drawing a Dredd story the title of which can’t be revealed for fear of causing uncontrolled mass speculation’

  3. Dredd has become so cliché! Oh look, another reveal to show Dreddy near death or seriously injured. Michael Carroll is rehashing his own rehash! His Dredd stories resort to Dredd near death! In that ‘hidden Judges group’ Dredd story is almost taken out by the rogue Judge and now in the current story Dredd is in a med-bay. Every story has Dredd almost killed! Well, not every story but many.

    It’s a lazy gimmick.

    Dredd should be the star of his own strip, not used in a cheap ‘Dredd is wounded, near death – not really, he’s okay in the next prog’ way. Heck, I don’t even read Mr Carroll’s Dredds! I just read the pictures. 😛

    Mr Carroll has nothing interesting to say about JD’s world. His narrative does not have a satirical or absurd quality – it’s just rehash.

  4. I think the Carroll droid is writing some of the best Dredd I’ve read. I disagree that Dredd has to akways to the “star” of the story. His apparent “death” was a nice cliff hanger but the other threads of the tale are equally as exciting. I’m really enjoying the political game Hershey is being forced to play, nice to spend time in Brit Cit with Joyce, and like where the subplot in the Megazine is going too.

    I know i’m setting myself up for much derision, but I LIKE Survival Geeks. It generally gets a chuckle out of me and the art is gorgeous!!!! I certainly enjoy it a lot more than….

    …Slaine! Yes, I went there. When Brutania began I was wanking off as much as the next fella over the beauty Simon Davis’ art and its depictions of Mr MacRoth’s particular blend of ultraviolence. However, the current state extended fight scene with constant Cyth punditry in the form of Pat Mills’ less than subtle social ranting is actually boring me. I wish we could read Slaine’s own internal regardibg his father, rather than have it all explained to us. Everyone else seems to like it though, so i’m probably just plain wrong.

    Tainted is very good. Its not the story i thought it was going to be. I had assumed that Fairfax was set to become Death, but now understand where its all going. Hopefully we’ll get to see Deadworld for a long time yet.

    I’m going to have to read Brink all in one sitting. I’m lost!

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