5 comments on “Review – 2000AD Free Comic Book Day issue

  1. The stront story is from a Starlord annual and was colour originally.

    I’d love to see an original size reprint of Stront, with colour spreads from Starlord, Journey into Hell etc..

  2. The Judge Dredd story has a QR code to the Pug Ugly MP3. Just flash your mobile at it and amazing things happen!

    • Is the song any good? My camera on my phone isn’t hi-rez enough to read such tiny QR codes 😦 What do the other QR codes lead to, reprint stuff, i.e. things I already have?

      p.s. good review from Richard Mc – hope to see more soon!

      • The Fiends code leads to the first episode of the original fiends.
        The Order goes, rather mysteriously, to a Clint Langley ABC Warriors story which features Deadlock. They can’t be hinting at something can they?
        Bad Company is the War Zombies episode from the original.
        Strontium Dog is the first episode of the Killing story, The one in the murder zone game show.
        Death Man is Future Shock: A Droid in Distress
        Ratfink is episode 1 of Ratfink’s Revenge, the one with Tiernen Trevallion’s art.

        As for the song, well it’s probably an acquired taste. It’s short

      • Forgot to thank you for that! Don’t know what you could mean with a bucket-headed robot that travels through time…
        There was no sign in the comic that Pug Ugly actually produced any kind of music that wasn’t ‘acquired’ 😉

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