2 comments on “Prog 1983 cover preview

  1. Like Black Shuck. Nice to see its return. 🙂

    I think we’re at an interesting moment in Dredd strip history. Mike Carroll is reshaping the Dreddverse. Texas City and MC-1 joining forces and fighting factions within Brit-Cit? I suppose Mr Carroll can press the reset button after the story ends and everything goes back to the way it used to be – and I doubt future Wagner Dredd stories will mention any of Carroll’s work – but it is interesting to see a new writer shift away from Wagner’s vision of the Dreddverse. Also, the current story has little of Dredd. It does feel like an experiment to see if the fanbase can tolerate a JD story without much of Judge Dredd!

    I can imagine a scenario in which Wagner writes his final JD story – his Dredd is killed off or retires – and there is a six month follow-up story by Carroll or another writer and the Dreddverse is given a full reboot. A new Judge Dredd, much younger, a new clone, on the streets.

  2. Weren’t you saying just a few issues ago that you were no longer reading the Carroll Dredds?
    Jesus, you can’t lie straight in bed, can you?

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