4 comments on “Prog 1987 Review – Orlok

  1. I thought it was just me who got confused when Black Shuck interrupted himself, fighting the Viking. You’d think Yeowell would give some characters a curly ginger perm, or something.

  2. “…it really is a ridiculous mish-mash of set pieces that together make no coherent story”

    I know that this is just a story, and no it’s not real etc (thanks 2000AD forums), but so far it’s credibility has been stretched until broken and tied back together with strings of utter nonsense. Hershey as you pointed out, has just become well, crap overnight (lets forget all those other strong plot lines she was involved in where she kicked arse) and now can’t tell her elbow from her arse in this set up that gets some new strange plot development each week.

    As a mega-epic, it’s not very good is it?… come back Trifecta all is forgiven!

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