5 comments on “Predator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens

  1. It’s okay. The idea of Judge Dredd vs classic movie monsters (how about Dracula or Frankenstein vs Dredd!) sounds cool in theory but in print it feels a bit contrived.

    When Karl Urban said “I am the law!” in Dredd 2012 – it sounded cool but when new writers use it in Dredd strips it sounds a little cliché.

    One of John Wagner’s greatest skills is how he tends to avoid cliché dialogue. I think Wagner tends to writer Dredd as if he’s semi- British! What I mean is Dredd is American – we all know that – but Wagner tends to shy away from giving him too many Dirty Harry, Die Hard cop type dialogue. When American writers take on Dredd they can’t bypass their American roots so Dredd ends up talking like a cliché American cop. You can’t expect American writers to think the way a British writers thinks. John Wagner is American by birth but lived in the UK most of his life.

    To give the writer some benefit of the doubt you could argue this is IDW/Dark Horse’s version of Judge Dredd so he’s going to sound a bit different, speak differently. I suppose that’s a fair way of looking at it.I don’t think this has direct link to existing 2000AD Dredd-world continuity.

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