10 comments on “Meg 374 Review – Orlok

  1. Oh, and this–

    “I am certain a string of protests will occur on the 20000AD forum by the social justice warriors (who really should keep an eye on the hypocrisy of their Twitter feeds)”

    Dropping in a petty and bitter-sounding reference to what obviously seems to be some personal feud.

    Always a sign of quality and objective review-writing.

    • No personal feud from me. Just mindful of the hypocrisy that goes on there which is why I no longer frequent the place.

      • Maybe so, but is it the sort of remark that needs to be dropped into an entirely unrelated comic review?

        It looks bitter, self-absorbed and completely amateurish, and a reason why this site seems to be in longterm decline.

        (Unless there’s other reasons why the venomous Orlok seems to its sole reviewer, when there used to be many more?)

      • Yes. It is, because it is my review and my right of content. You don’t like it, then don’t read it. Problem solved.
        If you feel that strongly we would welcome more reviewers to go with the ones we already have. Most of them prefer to use the Progcast, though one other is so disappointed with the current state of the Prog that he has preferred not to review at this stage.

  2. “You don’t like it, then don’t read it. Problem solved.”

    Critic can’t take criticism. Oh, the irony.

    At least now I know who I’m talking to, even if you don’t have the guts to put a real name to your reviews.

    You showed your true colours when Michael Carroll publicly complained about the sheer personal nastiness of your reviews, and you had to pull that humiliating u-turn the very next week.

    Now you’re showing your true colours again – spiteful coward – by returning to the Carroll-hating as if none of that happened.

    • No, I’m pointing out the fact that you’re the one pissing and moaning and coming in on the attack, surely there is some irony there. You don’t like the site or what is written, tough. Again, you don’t have to come here and if you do feel that you can do a review that gives an opinion you find more palatable, then please do so.
      And you know my real name? Wow. As stated to one of your oppos previously, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out but if you ever want to come see me from Edinburgh, I’ll pop the kettle on.
      The ad hominem attacks also have zero effect on me, so you can Google a picture of the Sahara Desert and imagine that is a field planted with the exact amount of fucks I give.

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