10 comments on “Prog 1995 cover preview

  1. It’s a good enough cover, but it does come just 14 days after a very similar cover image (other than artistic style), the only real difference being the addition of cross hairs and gun sight.

    • But why no updates in 2 years? And how long is this cartoon gonna take to make? Decades? :p

      I assume it’s been cancelled. Zero proof to the contrary. A new update would prove me wrong!

  2. The lack of updates doesn’t inspire much confidence, though. Had the site not had several updates at the start I wouldn’t expect anymore but they did…. so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to question the project’s legitimacy. Clearly, there hasn’t been anything exciting to report which suggests it’s not going too well.

    The Strontium Dog fan film has had regular updates since pre-production. The updates generate interest and excitement. Hard to get that excited in a fan made Dredd cartoon when 24 months have passed with zero updates. Not even one new concept drawing! Also appears to be zero mention of it on 2000ad online forum.

    The fact I brought up the topic shows I am curious but I don’t think anyone else has mentioned it. Perhaps we’ll get an update in the near future. 🙂

  3. A fan made animated cartoon is a little more complicated than you think. Comparing it to live action is …apples and oranges. People that are or have worked on the animation project so far…have done so in their spare time when they aren’t working their demanding day jobs. There is zero mention of it on the 2000ad forum because I don’t frequent there…and probably won’t in the near future.

    There have been mentions of it on the podcast lately. There is an animated series poster in the works that will serve as the ‘bible’ cover.

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