3 comments on “Prog 1994 Review – Orlok

  1. “…this is an issue that should be addressed editorially, no matter who is writing it. Even the best written story has to have an adherence to the continuity.” …I’m not sure it does these days you know. I think I am getting towards an acceptance of this now, whereas I used to get all Victor Meldrew about the detail, plot lines and continuity. The rule books are being torn up & it seems anything goes, no need to check history or keep a sense of perspective on how stories link together with editorial steer. Dredd & Andersons’ world is fair game for the writers to play with, regardless of what came before or we the readers have become used to over the years. After all it’s nowt new, as the Mark Millar, Garth Ennis & Grant Morrison 1990’s testify…

    • I would have thought that editorial would have come up with a Bible to use stating clearly “these are the things you can do and these are the boundaries”. Such a thing would give new writers a grounding in the basics and push them to create in a limited scope instead of a tale where aliens invade the city one week and it is never mentioned again.
      I dunno maybe they have one and nothing is canonical but the Wagner stuff, as Flint always says.

  2. Blame DC Comics.

    Prior to that it all made continuity sense! But in 1994 DC published their version of Judge Dredd and then we had Lawman of the Future comic with another continuity line and then other writers came along and it all got messy and now we got IDW with their freaky deaky take on the character and now Dark Horse’s new title: Dredd vs Generic 1980s Movie Monster Villains!

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