6 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep274

  1. Did 2000AD predict the internet?

    2000AD Prog 592 – date 17th September 1988.

    Moonrunners – part 2 – page 3 – panel 4:

    Cara Nash says to Carroll:

    “Pull the Spirit of Saint Louis’ current cargo and destination out of the net.”

    Carroll is at the computer typing the details on the keyboard. She says:

    “Grubers to Guano’s World.”

    Amazing, huh! The internet mentioned in 2000AD a decade or so before it was used by millions of people around the world. Writers Alan McKenzie and Steve Parkhouse predicted it.

  2. When I listened to this and you mentioned that someone would be leaving the podcast I understood that Steven would be leaving for good (with his plans for his own podcast and all). I was really sad before undestanding I misunderstood 🙂
    and two more comments.
    1.keep in mind that the explaining the Brittish cultural references does not only help the 2 US listeners you have but also this one greek listener (so thanks for all that)
    2. While listening to this (and the Thrillcast just after that) I thought that Gordon Rennie would not be a bad choice for the IDW Dredd.

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