11 comments on “Prog 1997 Review – Orlok

  1. This is probably just me worrying for no good reason but I saw the 2000AD online link to Cliff Robinson’s Prog 2000AD cover and the title looks wonky – sliding down to the right:

    I don’t know if the image was scanned incorrectly or that’s how it looks but I dunno… not sure about a wonky title. Seems wrong for a landmark prog. 😦 Hopefully it will look straight in print form!

  2. I voiced my concern to 2000AD. Emailed them.

    I just hope the logo looks straight. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t, but that would be a shame. I can’t recall any 2000AD prog having a wonky logo! Be an epic mistake, perhaps. LOL

    Oh well… we’ll have to wait and see how it looks in print form…..

  3. I adjusted the image:

    I think that looks more appropriate! Logo looks like a regular prog.

    Please don’t give us a wonky logo for Prog 2000, Tharg!

    • Well if it’s wonky on purpose I think it’s a dumb decision. Looks amateurish. I’m astonished 2000AD’S editorial team approved this. 😕

      • Last reply.

        It doesn’t make sense why it would be wonky. It’s not as if there is a history of crooked logos. It’s not as if Prog 1 had a wonky logo. You can’t do a ‘homage’ cover to a previous cover that didnt’ have a wonky logo. There is no logical reason to change it for Prog 2000.

        Given the fact it’s a landmark prog I find it rather disrespectful. Surely the very least we should expect is the landmark 2000th edition to have a level, professional looking logo!

        I’m sure the prog’s content will be great but if Cliff Robinson’s variant cover does feature a wonky logo and tagline – it’s the worst editorial decision in the comic’s history. Just because I’m a life-long fan doesn’t mean I approve of this decision. Fans should speak out when dumb decisions are made.

  4. Don’t get me started on the logo, safe to say that we are not getting a new one to make a fresh start, just a wonky version of the old crap one.

    As for the review – great stuff as usual Orlok, although lets not tell Cliff Robinson to fuck off, I personally want to see more from him, he’s still the stand out cover artist for me.

    As for this:

    “One small quibble in that Anderson is calling Flowers “Rookie” when it has been established that he is a full Judge…”

    Does the editor not pick any of these mistaks up? You do have to wonder…

    • Totally, mate. Cliff Robinson is a frigging legend. Every cover is a gem and he drops something new and exciting each time.

  5. I still cannot believe Prog 2000 has a wonky logo. I am genuinely shocked by this. I know it’s just a cover but of all the covers in the world, Tharg has to put a wonky logo on Prog 2000?!

    Didn’t anyone say to Matt Smith, “er… Matt, you do know the logo is wonky? Perhaps we should keep it straight like the last 1,999 logos?”

    “No way. This looks much better!”


    (I won’t mention it again cos I’ll get banned from posting or something) 😛

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