8 comments on “Megazine 376 cover preview

  1. Regarding the ending of Ladykiller, the 2000adonline poster called “Frank” is doing a remarkably good impression of John Wagner. I reckon he is John Wagner in disguise!

    FRANK wrote:

    “This is the latest in a long line of John Wagner stories everyone adores but which have odd, abrupt endings. Necropolis, The Judge Child, even Day Of Chaos avoids the fist pumping climax where the shark/Death Star explodes.

    The Apocalypse War could have had the spectacular climax all those stories lack [1], but ends with Dredd walking slowly along a corridor and shooting the baddie, unopposed. Oz thwarts Chopper’s victory and denies Dredd the satisfaction of putting a bullet in his back.

    Makes Dredd plugging PJ look epic [2]. I prefer the oddness of those endings to the (slightly) contrived finale of The Pit, which I almost resented because – like Ladykiller – I was enjoying the story so much I wanted the fun to go on forever. Conclusion: endings are rubbish.”


  2. You can this as genuine or not… but I think Frank’s comments on the Prog1998 thread explain why John Wagner prefers more downbeat endings than over-the-top endings. Frank – whom I believe to be Mr Wagner – gives it all away. Rather revealing.

  3. If you look at Frank’s recent posts he even states or suggests Wagner had the plots of America and Buttonman worked out before he wrote them. How would Frank know that?

    Frank/Sauchieboy admitted on the now defunct Empire Film forum that he used to work as a sub-editor for DC Thomson. John Wagner used to work as a sub-editor for DC Thomson! Someone did suggest Sauchieboy/Frank is former 2000AD writer Kelvin Gosnell. It’s possible, but Frank’s extensive knowledge of Dredd would suggest it’s Mr Wagner in disguise.

    Who knows! 🙂

  4. Based on your deep knowledge of 2000AD history, Wullie, (see the thread where you post all those questions to Steve MacManus) I’m guessing that you are Frank. 🙂

    I won’t mention this again cos it’s a bit off-topic.

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